Concert Revisited: The Beatles Live in Manila 1966

54 years ago, the world’s greatest music act, The Beatles played unprecedented show on the Philippine shore that goes down to LIVE events history. Although, their Philippine trip was the group’s worst tour, over a hundred thousand fans flocked our National Stadium to see their performance and hear their performance from outside the venue. Today, on the new episode of Concert Revisited, we’ll look down to The Beatles’ final Asia concert ever.

Disclaimer: I won’t be talking about the Marcos/”snubbed” incident.


July 3, 1966 – Sunday morning – Manila International Airport

The group flew in:

Tokyo, Japan to Hong Kong via Japan Airlines

Hong Kong to Manila, Philippines via Cathay Pacific


-The group went to Philippine Navy Headquarters for their Philippine tour press conference

-After the press conference, the group went to Manila Yacht Club beside the headquarters for the group’s welcoming party by elite Don Manolo Elizalde.

SHOW – JULY 4, 1966

The Beatles Live in Manila 1966
Paul, John, George, & Ringo in person!
July 4, 1966 – Monday
4pm & 8:30pm
Rizal Memorial Football Stadium, Manila, Philippines

Local Promoter: Cavalcade International Inc
Sponsors: Pepsi Cola, Mirinda Orangs
Official Airlines: Cathay Pacific
Official Residence: Manila Hotel

Note: The venue supposed to be held at the Araneta Coliseum but local promoters decided to move the show venue to larger Rizal Memorial Football Stadium

Patron – Php50.00
Grandstand Ringside – Php30.00
Field Reserved – Php20.00
Grandstand Reserved – P15.00
Field Ringside – Php5.00
Field Section – Php5.00
Grandstand – Php5.00
General Admission – Php2.00


The red X where the concert stage located

4pm show – 30,000
8:30pm show – 50,000



-Show opens with the singing of Philippine national anthem

-Eddie Reyes & D’Downbeats with the Cavalcade Dancers

-Dale Adriatico

-Wing Duo

-Ms. Pilita Corrales

-Lemons Three

-Pilita and the Lemons Three

-Reycard Duet


-Main act: The Beatles



-Rock & Roll Music (Chuck Berry cover)

-She’s A Woman

-If I Needed Someone

-Baby’s In A Black

-Day Tripper

-I Feel Fine


-I Wanna Be Your Man

-Nowhere Man (added for 8:30pm show)

-Paperback Writer

-I’m Down

CROWD SHOT (4pm show)


-The Beatles Live in Manila 1966 Souvenir Program

-The Beatles in Manila sticker

-The Beatles in Manila, Philippines commemorative coin

After their nightmare trip in the Philippines, The Beatles went to New Delhi, India for a vacation.